Foods That Help Lower Cholesterol

Reality shows are one of the biggest things people watch on television. This is because the events that happen are not scripted and naturally unfold in front of the viewer. One show that is helping people want to become healthy again is the biggest loser.

The contestants are a bunch of overweight men and women who work out and go on a diet and at the end of the week; one of these players will be eliminated. The person who loses the biggest number of pounds after a three-month campaign will win $250,000 and have a second chance of living a healthy life.

The individual doesn’t have to fight for money in order to make some lifestyle changes. As the saying goes. ‘health is wealth’ and this is something more precious than any sheet of paper with a dollar sign has to offer.

People are able to burn more calories while exercising. This means the body will burn the food eaten and this has to be replaced so there is energy after to do other functions. The individual should get a meal that has the right amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats so this can repair damaged tissue, refuel and lower the body’s cholesterol.  

Here are some examples of food that should be eaten after a workout.

Eating bread has been known to replenish the energy lost after a workout. Since this has certain ingredients that are high in bad cholesterol, this can be substituted for wheat bread that is much healthier. Nuts can also help lower the cholesterol and getting some low fat peanut butter will surely make a great sandwich.

Having a fruit is also good to lower the cholesterol. It is advisable to eat as a whole instead of taking away the skin or turning this into a juice. Studies have shown that eating it the way it is keeps the natural fibers that are good for the person. An apple is just one of many fruits that can be eaten once it has been washed.

If the person wants to save some money after going to the gym, it is best to pack some snacks that can be consumed after a workout. Cutting some carrot sticks or slicing a few tomatoes then packing it in a plastic container will come in handy after taking a shower and reporting for work or when going home.

When the person comes home, it is time to prepare something that can provide better sustenance. An example could be having some fish or chicken thrown into the microwave or having it steam. Studies have shown that frying using cooking oil also increases the person’s cholesterol level so cooking it in another manner can reduce this.

Having some vegetables along will help make this a healthy meal. Some garlic and onions can be prepared since studies have shown this to lower the liver’s production of cholesterol.  The serving for tonight can end with some yogurt for dessert leaving the individual satisfied and light.

Lowering the cholesterol will not happen overnight. By observing a proper diet with exercise, the individual will be able to lose weight and cuts down the cholesterol levels that puts the person in potential danger of high blood pressure, a stroke or a heart attack.
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Three Day Detox Diet

The human body is like a car because harmful deposits pile up and it may soon cause damage to your well being. If you want to clean your system as soon as possible, one method you can try is the three day detox diet.

For the next three days, you will only eat either fruits or vegetables. These should be eaten raw so forget about cooking it.

At the same time, you should forget about drinking coffee, tea or sodas and only have water or juice that is freshly squeezed.

So you won’t feel hungry, plan your menu so you know what to serve for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you think these do not taste good, just keep an open mind and who know? You might get to like it.

In each meal, don’t just stick with one variant but mix others as well as this will ensure that you get the right amount of nutrients. Since you will need some protein, add some nuts and sprouting beans if you have them in the kitchen.

One example will be to include a cup of whole grains like brown rice together with buckwheat and  amaranth. You can surely mix this with some servings of fruits and vegetables. If you have never tried this before, it wouldn’t hurt to eat one of these raw.

Another example will be to make a salad. If you want to add salad dressing, use either natural oils or vinegar. Examples of natural oil include coconut virgin oil, fish oil or olive oil.

There are other recipes you can make aside from the two mentioned so do some research or bring out one of your old cookbooks.

In addition to eating fruits and vegetables, you will also have to take 2 doses of kidney and liver tonic. You can make this at home by mixing two cups of dandelion, a clove of fresh garlic, chamomile or fennel tea. A few other concoctions include drinking pure vegetable juice like carrot or beetroot, a medium bunch of black grapes, or two cups of parsley or yellow tea.

Water is very important in the detox diet so make sure you drink lots of it for the next 3 days. If you have some fruits at home, put them in the juicer which is a good substitute for your water intake. The objective of keeping yourself hydrated is to help you flush out the toxins through your urine or waste.

Any diet you will ever hear about will tell you that this should always be combined with an exercise program. Something light which you can start doing is walking for about 20 to 30 minutes. This should help increase your metabolism, work up a sweat and give you increased levels of energy.

After about three days, you can now go back to your regular diet. Did you really expel those toxins out of your system? That is very hard to say because scientists don’t have a clue whether this actually happened or not.

Some say that you should do this monthly as a way to regulate the toxins but if you want to find a long term solution rather than a quick fix, make some lifestyle changes because this is much better than a three day detox diet.
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What You must know about Yoga for seniors

Engaging in yoga exercise movements is one of the most popular methods for getting healthy no matter what age you are in. The moves are sluggish and rhythmic which is why it’s easy to learn and imitate. This is also the reason why it’s one of the most suggested activities for individuals who are not as bendable and as coordinated as other people such as seniors. Here are some guidelines about yoga for seniors.

Many of the yoga movements ought to be done while sitting upright or lying down. Using this method, senior citizens will be able to dodge accidents caused by fall. Although doing yoga exercise routines can easily increase one’s balance, the natural degradation of the entire body because of aging can certainly still cause them to lose their balance.

Senior citizens should really be cautious when considering doing yoga exercise routines and postures that may possibly have an effect on the spine. They need to remember that aging causes the vertebrae to degrade thus making it less strong than it used to be. One inaccurate move can cause long-term damage in the spinal column.

Older people should also remember to be extra attentive switching from one yoga position to another. They should do it at their own speed so that they won’t incur any damage. They should also do all of their movements at their own time period. They must neither haste or be hurried by the yoga instructor.

Golden-agers should remember that the first thing that they ought to learn about yoga for seniors is the right breathing technique or yogic breathing. The moves in yoga may be sluggish but they can nevertheless be pretty tiring specifically for older persons. Understanding how to inhale and exhale properly can certainly help them do the exercises more pleasantly and appropriately. It can also aid the prevention of health complications caused by breathing and circulation ─▒ssues.

Also, elders ought to always be permitted to relax as well as they should whenever they are starting to feel tired. They do not ought to do all the poses by the book in just a single session. It’s more important that they do the exercise routines at their own pace so that it will minimize the risk of too much muscle strain.
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Metabolic Problems Linked with Obesity and Diabetes

If you are considered obese, especially with an above average amount of abdominal fat and are insulin resistant, you may have what is known as metabolic syndrome.  It is important to note that you can be insulin resistance and not actually have diabetes – yet.  If you are insulin resistant you may be what is termed pre-diabetes.

If you are insulin resistant, your body is not using the insulin your pancreas is producing effectively.  Your pancreas will continue to produce more and more insulin but your body will not use it and cannot derive the energy from the food you eat.  This condition can be passed on from another member of the family but it is also caused by obesity and inactivity.

As with diabetes, the risk factors for having metabolic problems – metabolic syndrome – are quite similar.  Age is a risk factor, the older you are the chances of having this are greater.  Almost half of the people with metabolic syndrome are over the age of 60 but symptoms have been seen in children and adults in their 20’s.  Another risk factor for having this syndrome is race, people from a Hispanic or Asian backgrounds are at a higher risk than others. And as mentioned there is also the hereditary factory.

Being obese with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 25 is a factor too.  The difference with this factor from the others is that most people have an element of control over this.  If they are able to lose weight and exercise they can reduce or eliminate this contributor towards metabolic syndrome.

If you are diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, your doctor will run screening tests for diabetes.  He or she will also recommend or put your on a program to lose weight through a healthy and balanced diet coupled with physical activity. 
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